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Mails waar we t voor doen: Gremio-Style

Brazilië – Fanmail uit Porto Alegre. Kan ons t schelen, we delen gewoon alles met jullie. Ons succes is jullie succes. En dat jullie snappen wat ons motiveert en zo. En check dan ook ff die site:


I´m from south Brazil, and I´ve been visiting Football Culture blog for a while. It´s one of the best blogs about football I ever see.

I´m just writing with for three reasons. First,  to say congratulations for your great work. I dont know if you are a team, or one guy making the blog, I know how much work is necessary to do it. Second, to send the picture attached, for your “fence” section, or wherever you want to post.

Third, to send the link of my website. You guys already posted one of my avalanche videos. I´m a Grêmio fan, and my website is dedicated to Gremio terraces and its fantastic fangroup: . More than 5000 photos and 600 videos.

Take a look, I´m sure there are some material you´ll get interested in.