The best pics of the Fototorcida archives (10,11,12)

Brasil - Since the start of FootballCulture, back in 2008, we are big fans of the Brazilian site Fototorcida. Fototorcida show us the Brazilian supportersculture in a way we really appreciate. A club-independent photosite, right in the middle of the fanatics. The heart of the footballclub. We see the crowd as a giant anonymous, sometimes violent, mob. But on the other hand we see a different side of the mob. The friendly face. The beautiful terraces (fuck all-seatered…), where mothers with their babies stand aside young men to share their passion with their local team. Watching football is not a crime, it is a social artform! This week we do a collabo with Gabriel, the photographer of Fototorcida. We made a selection of 21 brilliant picas of the Fototorcida archives. Each day we’ll publish 3 picas, without comments. Just enjoy our Beautiful Game! (tnx 2

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